Steading conversion, West Lothian, Scotland

Our clients had purchased this smallholding in West Lothian, Scotland to be both a home for their extended family, and a base for their business.  The first stage in their development plan was to redevelop the underutilised stable block.  The brief was to provide a self-contained annexe for a family member to live in, as well as office and workshop space for the business. 

Our solution is a split-level living area, with the entrance area and kitchen contained within a single storey block, and the living room and bedrooms at hayloft level.  The layout allows the retention of the old oak trusses, and the re-use of existing window and door openings.  A rotten timber platform giving access to the hayloft is replaced with a Scottish Larch clad sheltered balcony, opening from the living room. 

At the lower level the stables are converted to provide an office and workshop space.  The original stable entrance is repurposed as a glazed doorway.  A small extension provides storage, with the roof utilised as a terrace for the main bedroom. 

To maintain the character of the steading, the external walls are retained, with a new highly insulated timber frame built inside.  This, along with a reconstructed roof and floor, will provide an extremely efficient thermal envelope.  Heating is provided via an air source heat pump.  New additions are treated in a contemporary yet delicate manner, using materials such as Scottish larch and standing seam metal. 

The scheme breathes new life into an underutilised and neglected building, and provides a practical solution for both family and business.